Somewhere Close to the Heart

I love…
…that recently we began closing emails with “love and kisses”; that became “dove and wishes”; then “bugs and fishes” and so on until we had used up just about every possible rhyming word. I smile each time  I think about it.

“Close to the Heart” by American poet Helen Lowrie Marshall
Close to the heart is a secret place
Where dreams are stored away,
And study candles of faith are kept
Against a darker day.
And there, too, are the memories;
The laughter share, the tears,
The little things that mean so much,
Seen through the mist of years.
Out dearest wishes, deepest loves,
The burdens that we bear;
The essence of our being lies
In what we harbor there.
To each his own; a hideaway
That has not counterpart;
The treasure-house of the soul that lies
Somewhere close to the heart.