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…makes no logical sense. It requires believing faithfully in something intangible that carries immense inherent risk. Joy must be far greater than fear for love to flourish.

From “Vanishing Acts” by American writer Jodi Picoult
back to love EDITLove is not an equation,
it is not a contract,
and it is not
a happy ending.
Love is the slate
under the chalk,
the ground
that buildings rise,
and the oxygen in the air.
It is the place
you come back to,
no matter
where your headed.

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…felt today is rooted in the remains of every past love I have known. As a tree decays and makes fertile the ground for new growth, loves gone by lie in broken pieces at the base of my heart so new love has rich fodder to grow in.

Swiss poet and mystic Johann Kasper Lavater
Each heart is a world…
You find within yourself
that you find without.
To know yourself
you have only
to set down
a true statement
of those that ever loved
… you.

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…reveals and illustrates me truly as I truly am. There is no exhibition greater that can be shown of me than who and what I allow into my heart. To love is to be stripped bare to one’s most fundamental nature for anyone to see.

Spanish philosopher and essayist Ortega Y. Gasset
In their choice
of lovers,
both male
and female
reveal their
true nature.
The type of
human being
we prefer
reveals the
contours of
our heart.

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…and its contradictions and inconsistencies are blissfully maddening. Nothing on Earth is so sought after yet understood so little. It is in loving that humans are best taught the lesson of hope: without love there is no faith and without faith there can be no love.

13th-century Persian poet and mystic Rumi
The minute
I heard
my first
love story,
I started
for you,
not knowing
how blind
that was.

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…is getting photos from you on a far away holiday and reading the words of excitement you have in sharing them with me. One of the best things about loving and being loved is each becomes a witness to the details of the others life.

Author, Artist and Singer-Songwriter Kelli Jae Baeli
The trust and longevity
of a relationship
between two individuals
is established through time
and learning each other,
and discovering a harmony
at the core of their connection.
And it becomes powerful
because of where it resides;
at the center of who we are;
the very essence of our being.

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…is a confounding puzzle; a miraculous riddle; an eternal enigma. Yet to thrive the soul must have it. Love: so necessary, so emotionally dangerous and so worth the risk.

From “I Ching”, the Chinese “Book of Changes”
two people
are at one
in their
inmost hearts,
they shatter even
the strength
of iron
or of bronze.

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…can come without notice filled with fire and passion that burn both day and night as two discover each other from the outside in. That’s risky. Or love can grow gracefully from friendship filled with intimacy and honesty as two come to know each other from the inside out; love’s best chance of lasting.

From “The Shack” by Canadian author W. Paul Young
So many
it is love
that grows,
but it is
that grows
and love
expands to
contain it.

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