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…brings me strength and solace whenever my thoughts are focused in your direction. I doubt less. I hope more. My imagination is richer; inspiration grander. Even the near impossible seems somehow possible.

From Winnie The Pooh, the fictional bear created by A. A. Milne
woman and manIf there
ever comes
a day
when we
can’t be
keep me
in your
I’ll stay

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…is thinking of you in the morning after I first get up and at night as I am going to sleep. It is a casual thought of you at lunch time and when driving home. At random moments all throughout my day you are on my mind, always hoping you are well and going good.

Writer and spiritual leader Rabbi Julius Gordon
So until we meet again,
I am thinking of you
I love you;
I wish you were here…
In my arms.

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I love…
…that when I wake up in the morning a thought of you finds me soon after. Mentally I say “good morning” every time with hope the day is kind to you.

Contemporary Slovenian poet and artist Jaka Zeleznikar
It’s so easy,
To think about Love,
To Talk about Love,
To wish for Love,
But it’s not always easy,
To recognize Love,
Even when we hold it
In our hands.”

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The Splendor of Fire

I love…
…the feeling of anticipation I get each time to see you again after we have been apart: a gentle longing that tastes sweet and good.

An old Irish Blessing for a Loving Couple
May you both be blessed
With the strength of heaven,
The light of the sun and the
Radiance of the moon,
The splendor of fire,
The speed of lightning,
The depth of the sea,
The swiftness if wind,
The stability of earth,
And the firmness of rock.

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Right There By Your Side

I love…
…when I am away how I miss you.  It is a kind of hunger that grows until sated by your presence when I see you again
Written By an Unknown Author
Missing someone
Isn’t about how long
It has been since
You’ve seen them
Or the amount of time
Since you’ve talked.
It’s about that very moment
When you find yourself
Doing something
And wishing
They were right there
By your side.

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Beautiful Just As You Are

I remember…
…that you wore little makeup and did not need to.  You were beautiful just as you naturally were.
Author Unknown
Within you
I lose
Without you
I find
to be lost again.

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I remember…
… how you loved smiley faces since you were little and collected anything with a smiley on it.  I think of you every time I see one.

By Yandinna Marie Smyth to her Husband February 2011
You are my first thought
Of every morning
And my last of every night,
You are the safety
In my darkness
And the brightness
In my light.

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