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Been Mine Before

 I remember…
…you laying on your back on the bed in denim shorts and your bra while we were on vacation when the ice cream fell from your cone onto your upper stomach.  You put it back on your cone, I licked the left-over off you and we laughed. 

From “Sudden Light” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
I have been here before
But when or how I can not tell.
You have been mine before
How long ago I may not know

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I remember… 
…how good you were with kids.  I wish we had made one.

From A” Year From Wednesday© by James Browning
I will think of you constantly through each day and faithfully write you like we promised.  I will pray for your safety and good health but my most consistent prayer will be that we make deed and truth out of our promise to each other.  Know I am filled with life and the first new hope I have felt in a long while…. And it’s all your fault!

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I Feel You Stir

I remember…
…how I loved to touch your face and how connected to you I felt when I did.

Robert Browning to Elizabeth Browning Nov. 17, 1845
Now, my love… My whole life is wound up and down and over you… I feel you stir everywhere.  I am not conscious of thinking or feelings but about you… so I will live, so may I die

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More Today Than Ever

I remember…
…how sometimes you ‘d rub my neck and run your fingers through my hair when we were sitting side by side.

Duff Cooper to Lady Diana Manners August 20, 1918
Darling, my darling.  One line in haste to tell you that I love you more today than ever in my life before, that I never see beauty without thinking of you or seeing happiness without thinking of you. You have fulfilled all my ambition, realized all my hopes, made all my dreams come true.

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Object of My Thoughts

I remember…
…how you loved that old ratty sweatshirt you wore all the time.  It was falling apart, but so soft.

Napoleon to Josephine March 14, 1796
I am less able to exist so far from you.  You are the constant object of my thoughts; I exhaust my imagination in thinking of what you are doing.  If I see you unhappy my heart is torn, and my grief grows greater.

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