More Today Than Ever

I remember…
…how sometimes you ‘d rub my neck and run your fingers through my hair when we were sitting side by side.

Duff Cooper to Lady Diana Manners August 20, 1918
Darling, my darling.  One line in haste to tell you that I love you more today than ever in my life before, that I never see beauty without thinking of you or seeing happiness without thinking of you. You have fulfilled all my ambition, realized all my hopes, made all my dreams come true.

Object of My Thoughts

I remember…
…how you loved that old ratty sweatshirt you wore all the time.  It was falling apart, but so soft.

Napoleon to Josephine March 14, 1796
I am less able to exist so far from you.  You are the constant object of my thoughts; I exhaust my imagination in thinking of what you are doing.  If I see you unhappy my heart is torn, and my grief grows greater.