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I promise I’ll stay with you in the toughest of times, even those when you’re not sure you want to be with me or when there are questions about you in my heart. NOTHING can stop my commitment to you.

????????????????????????????????????????Love is patient
and kind,
love is deliberate.
Love is hard.
Love is pain
and sacrifice,
it’s seeing
the darkness
in another
person and
defying the
impulse to
jump ship.

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My Love…
Are you ready for our first dance class together tonight? I love doing new and different things with you. Now more than ever before I want to live life well in its full variety and splendor. I want to do everything with you!

American poet, painter, author, and playwright E.E. Cummings
young-loveLove is
the voice
under all
the hope
which has
no opposite
in fear;
the strength
so strong
mere force
is feebleness:
the truth
more first
than sun,
more last
than star…

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I finally “felt” what I think Valentine’s Day should be about: love, love and more love between two totally committed partners. Thank you for opening up the doors to a whole new life for me.

By an anonymous and unknown writer

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When you’re in a bad mood, I love you. When I don’t understand why you’re acting a particular way, I love you. When you lose your cool, I love you. When you hardly notice I’m here, I love you. Plainly and simply, I love you.

American romantic novelist and producer Nicholas Sparks

love-spells4 editWe fell in love,
despite our
and once we did,
something rare
and beautiful
was created.
For me, love like that
has only happened once,
and that’s why every minute
we spent together
has been seared
in my memory.
I’ll never forget
a single moment of it.

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My Darling…
When you are away for even a day, there is no explaining how my heart leaps with happiness upon seeing you again. My world is incomplete without you in it. Plain and simple, I love you without reservation and need you beyond any doubt.

Spoken by Tom Hanks in the movie “Sleepless In Seattle”
Affectionate coupleIt was
a million
you added
them all up,
they meant
we were
to be
I knew it.

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My Darling…
Last night will be remembered as magical; you in a long flowing dress; me in black and white. At the ball we partied, danced, ate, smoked cigars on the terrace and fell deeper in love; a sweet start for our first new year together.

East Indian writer and essayist Ritu Ghatourey
2014 BrowningWhen we are in a
truly loving
we receive the gift
of being known
and accepted.
We become more,
not less,
of who we are.
We receive
the space
in which to bloom.

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My Darling…
I get afraid at times. I fret that I might love you too much and you might not love me enough. Regardless, I am facing my fears. They are about my past and not about you. With all the love I am capable my heart is open to you.

From the song “Living of Love” by The Avett Brothers
8085402-special-red-heart-on-layers-of-gold-heartsYour heart
says not again;
What kind
of mess
have you
got me in;
But when
the feelings
It can lift
you up a
and take
you anywhere.

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