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My Love…
Sharing our deepest self with each other comes so easy. What a marvel it is to be so completely known and accepted by another. Destiny brought us together. Life keeps us apart. No matter. You are the love of my life.

From “Defiance” by American writer C.J. Redwine
bridegroomNo matter
has happened.
No matter
you’ve done.
No matter
you will do.
I will
love you.

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My Darling…
Love knows no boundary; cannot be captured; nor can it be cast away. Once embedded, love becomes part of the very fiber that holds a beating heart together. Death only is love’s remedy; its antidote.

Quote by an unknown and anonymous writer
chains around my heartAsk me why
I keep on
loving you
when it’s clear
that you don’t
feel the same way
for me.
The problem is
that as much as
I can’t force you
to love me,
I can’t force
myself to stop
loving you.

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My Love…
It has been a wonderful day. Now near midnight and time for bed I want to tell you how perfect I believe our love is and how filled my heart is with you.

From “Again the Magic” by writer Lisa Kleypas

sleeping-couple01I want morning
and noon
and nightfall
with you.
I want your
tears, your smiles,
your kisses…
the smell of your hair,
the taste of your skin,
the touch of your breath
on my face.
I want to see you
in the final hour of my life…
to lie in your arms
as I take my last breath.

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My Darling…
My love for you is indelibly stamped on what once was untouched real estate in my heart. Now that space is forever yours. I would not want it any other way.

sky1 2 3 4I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.
Poem credited to Jessica Blade

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Hearing you at my front door in the first awake minute of my day was a wonderful surprise. With sleep in my eyes and bed hair flying, seeing you started the day off superbly. It’s amazing the difference true love makes.

Italian writer and poet of the 16th century Torquato Tasso
it be

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It’s no longer clear exactly who I was or what I felt before we fell in love. Nothing much has really changed, yet everything is better because we love each other. My dreams seem more possible than ever before.

East Indian writer and poet Ritu Ghatourey

vintage-antique-heart-pocket-watch-chain-necklace-gift-4f65aeditI will love you always…
When your face is full
of the lines of every smile
you have ever smiled,
of every surprise
I have seen flash
through your eyes,
when every tear
you have ever cried
has left its mark
upon your face,
I will treasure you
all the more,
because I was there
to see it all.

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My Love…
We made it through a major challenge, but stand stronger together now than before. Over time it’s inevitable we’ll face more troubles, but I promise you my love is true and strong. I’ll be there when no one else will. I will understand when others won’t… always.

By an author unknown/anonymous writer
shadow kiss imagesCAHABAZ5 stretchedThe key to love is understanding…
The ability to comprehend not only
the spoken word
But those unspoken gestures,
The little things that say so
much by themselves.
The key to love is forgiveness…
To accept each others faults
and pardon mistakes
Without forgetting,
but with remembering
What you learn from them.
The key to love is sharing…
Facing your good fortunes
as well as the bad, together
Both conquering problems,
forever searching for ways
To intensify your happiness.
The key to love is giving…
Without thought of return
But with the hope
of just a simple smile
And by giving in
but never giving up.
The key to love is respect…
Realizing that you are
two separate people,
with different ideas
That you don’t belong to each other
That you belong with each other,
and share a mutual bond.
The key to love is inside us all.
It takes time and patience
to unlock all the ingredients
That will take you to its threshold.
It is the continual learning process
that demands a lot of work,
But the rewards are more
than worth the effort.
And that is the key to love.

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