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My Darling…
Love knows no boundary; cannot be captured; nor can it be cast away. Once embedded, love becomes part of the very fiber that holds a beating heart together. Death only is love’s remedy; its antidote.

Quote by an unknown and anonymous writer
chains around my heartAsk me why
I keep on
loving you
when it’s clear
that you don’t
feel the same way
for me.
The problem is
that as much as
I can’t force you
to love me,
I can’t force
myself to stop
loving you.

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My Love…
Only when living one day at a time is there peace in my heart. When the past begins to haunt or the future asks “what will be” I get lost. In the present there is peace in the love I feel for you. In the “now” my heart thrives.

Albanian Catholic Sister and missionary Mother Teresa

majd-ujra-lesz-nyar-how-i-love-now-001-587x388Do not think that love
in order to be genuine
has to be extraordinary.
What we need is to love
without getting tired.
Be faithful in
small things
because it is
in them that
your strength lies.

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My Darling…
I am frequently filled with love more so than ever before. I care so much it scares me. It’s unimaginable now to even consider going on without you. So when I’m afraid I will push myself through my fear by believing in you and our dreams.

Canadian author, journalist and editor Merle Shain
5033861891_b2a1e776fbLoving can
cost a lot
but not loving
always costs more,
and those who
fear to love
often find that
want of love
is an emptiness
that robs
the joy
from life.

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My Love…
Damage can’t be undone and words spoken can not be retracted. However, I believe like wind strengthens the roots of a tree so it can stand strong, we’ll be stronger if we can let the misplaced emotions fade into the past.

Taken from a greeting card by “American Greeting”
Yman-with-rose-at-doorou give
to my life.
I can not
You fill
my heart
for a
You are
the love
of my

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My Darling…
My life has been irrevocably changed. Where there was disbelief is now faith. Where hope was lacking optimism now lives. Where melancholy resided I am filled with joy. Happiness has found me.

By a author unknown/anonymous
123-happy-couple-medium_new  editFind someone
who isn’t afraid
to admit that
they miss you.
Someone who
knows that you’re
not perfect,
but treats you
as if you are.
Someone whose
biggest fear
is losing you.
One who gives
their heart
Someone who
says I love you
and means it.

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My Darling…
Too often heartache has been my companion. I know its sorrow well. The will to love almost left me completely, but then you came along to show me all that came before was to prepare me to love you as deeply as I do.

Taken from http://sayingimages.com/love-quotes
str-ly_com_1366667325_954Everyone says
that loves hurts,
but that’s not true.
Loneliness hurts.
Rejection hurts.
Losing someone hurts.
Everyone confuses
these things with love
but in reality,
love is the only thing
in this world
that covers up
all the pain
and makes us feel
wonderful again.

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My Darling…
Across a crowded room we can say I love you with only eye contact. Often I feel you close minutes before you arrive. Sometimes you speak thoughts I was about to say. The longer we are together the more amazing we become.

By an unknown writer/anonymous author
we make love
with our eyes.
we make love
with our hands.
we make love
with our bodies.
we make love
with our hearts.

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