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My Darling…
When true love and sexual intimacy meet, what results is so much more that sex alone can ever be. It’s like comparing shadowed black and white to amazingly vibrant color. What we are blessed with is amazing beyond words.

Posted on pinterest.com by Rachel Wolchin
you will
fills the
breaks in
yours and
you’ll stop
for reasons

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My Darling…
Swear you’re mine and then tell me again and again. I’ll reply with “I love you” echoed back a million times. “Forever and always” is this rare variety of love we have been blessed with.

From “Whenever, Wherever” by Shakira/Tim Mitchell/Gloria Estefan
We’re meant
to be together…
I’ll be there
and you’ll be near…
You’ve got me
head over heels..
You’ll never
have to wonder…
There’s nothing
left to fear…

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Day by day, I become more sure of your love. Haunts from my past made it hard to believe you could want only me. Thank you for your unwavering patience, understanding and affection. I believe in you… in “US”… forever.

From “A Life for a Life” by Dinah Craik
d27349b1d263492e8c74fe941b301595editOh, the comfort -
the inexpressible comfort
of feeling safe with a person…
having neither to weigh thoughts
nor measure words,
but pouring them
all right out,
just as they are,
certain that a
faithful hand will…
keep what is worth keeping
blow the rest away…”

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My Darling…
All that I have been, am and will be is yours. All I ask is that you love me best in times when I deserve it least. No matter what I may say in anger, do in frustration or mistakenly behave, love me still and I will love you even more.

Father of the Indian independence movement, Mohandas Gandhi
216261_544720472233364_844688947_nI offer
you peace.
I offer
you love.
I offer
you friendship.
I see
your beauty.
I hear
your need.
I feel
your feelings..

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My Darling…
A day with you is more valuable than a thousand with someone else. I don’t care if we’re poor and have just enough to survive. As long as I am with you my life will always be filled with riches.

From “The Diaries of Adam & Eve” by Mark Twain
poor-couple-holds-hands EDITAfter all
these years,
I see that
I was mistaken
about Eve
in the beginning;
it is better to live
the Garden
with her
than inside it
without her.

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…had has stirred our spirits together and connected us at the heart. For how long is an unnecessary question, for once combined we can never be completely separated.

American author of young adult literature Carolyn Mackler
I love
that existence
itself is
all about
the tangling
of souls.

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…is patient and tolerant. It allows one to give the other person time and space to work through things alone. Standing by while ready to offer support and help at any moment is one of the greatest illustrations of love (you have proven it to me).

By German poet Rainer Maria Rilke
Once the realization
is accepted
that even between
the closest human beings
infinite distances continue,
a wonderful living side by side
can grow, if they succeed
in loving the distance
between them
which makes it possible
for each to see the other
whole against the sky.

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…more than anything makes one sure of their feelings. Even with uncertainty about being loved in return, a heart filled with adoration renders its owner unable to hear encouragement or advice about the subject of their love. Love is not only blind, but it’s deaf as well.

From “An English Woman’s Love Letters” by Laurence Housman
When I think of you
I never question
whether what I think
would be true or false
in the eyes of others.
All that concerns you
seems to go on a different place
where evidence
has no meaning or existence…

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…is a spark in my heart from knowing someone cares about me as I really am. You know of the light of my goodness and of the darkness of my wickedness yet gladly, still we “are”.

From “Divan-e Shams” by Rumi translated R. A. Nicholson
Through Love
all that is bitter will be sweet.
Through Love
all that is copper will be gold.
Through Love
all dregs will turn to purest wine.
Through Love
all pain will turn to medicine.
Through Love
the dead will all become alive.
Through Love the
king will turn into a slave!

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…is the knowing you’ll be there if I need you to comfort me in times of sadness, care for me if I am sick, encourage me if I am down or just sit quietly with me and let time pass.

Thought by German philologist Max Muller
A flower
cannot blossom
without sunshine,
and man
cannot live
without love.

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