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I love…
…that recently we began closing emails with “love and kisses”; that became “dove and wishes”; then “bugs and fishes” and so on until we had used up just about every possible rhyming word. I smile each time  I think about it.

“Close to the Heart” by American poet Helen Lowrie Marshall
Close to the heart is a secret place
Where dreams are stored away,
And study candles of faith are kept
Against a darker day.
And there, too, are the memories;
The laughter share, the tears,
The little things that mean so much,
Seen through the mist of years.
Out dearest wishes, deepest loves,
The burdens that we bear;
The essence of our being lies
In what we harbor there.
To each his own; a hideaway
That has not counterpart;
The treasure-house of the soul that lies
Somewhere close to the heart.

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I love…
…how we amuse each other with cute and funny things we write in emails and notes we send each other. It puts real meaning into the song lyric “you make lovin’ fun”.

French Writer Nicolas Chamfort

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Life Overflows With Happiness

I love…
…sitting in a restaurant with you eating, talking, laughing and wasting time together. We never lack for something to talk about and time passes effortlessly. There is a warm comfort in being with you; a richly joyful feeling.

From ” I Love Being Loved By You” – Anonymous
My life overflows with happiness
As my favorite dreams come true.
My days and nights are magical
Because of everything you do.

You stand by me as troubles occur
And listen to my worries and fears.
You share my burdens and my joys
With faith, compassion and tears.

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Beautiful and Endearing

I love…
…that you have a mature but childlike tendency to get excited when discovering new things. It is beautiful and endearing to see the sparkle all about you then.

“I Fell In Love” by Andy Hughes
Ever since I met you,
I’ve had these feelings deep inside,
mainly when you hold me,
and look into my eyes,
you make me feel so young again,
and give me feelings I’d forgot,
you make me feel so happy,
with cupids arrow I’ve been shot.

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The Discovery of Ourselves

I love…
…that you like music as much as I do.  It’s fun going to concerts and experiencing them with you.

Saying from Scottish Poet Alexander Smith
the discovery
of ourselves
in others,
and the delight
in the recognition.

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Like A Kid With You

I love…
…the surprise when I walked outside and found you blowing bubbles.  Thanks for letting me join. It was fun to play like a kid with you.

From “Calvin & Hobbes” by Bill Watterson,
I think we dream
so we don’t have
to be apart so long.
If we’re in
each other’s dreams,
we can play
together all night.

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You Are the Music

I love…
…that mostly the same things fill us both with laughter.  Everything is funnier with someone dear to laugh with.
Writer Unknown
If God is the DJ,
Then Life
Is the
Dance floor;
Is the rhythm,
And you
Are the music.

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That’s the Point of It

I love…
…that you don’t care that I wake up with my hair sticking up all over the place like Albert Einstein.  You’ve never once laughed at me and instead told me I looked cute!

Fran Lebowitz in an interview with John Winokur

Romantic love
is mental illness.

But it’s a pleasurable one.

…It distorts reality,
and that’s the point of it…

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A Word Billowing Enough

I love…
…that you are sweet and loving yet high-spirited and passionate.  You’ll always be young at heart!
Take from “The Sun” By Mary Oliver
…have you ever felt
for anything
such wild love—
do you think
there is anywhere,
in any language,
a word billowing enough
for the pleasure…

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I Love the Air

I love…
…how much I enjoy doing nothing with you.  There is no better way I’d rather spend my time than us hanging out and just being together.

From Del Si Comments
I love the air
It touches you.
I love the sun
It falls on you.
I love my heart
It loves you!

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