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My Love…
In the early morning light sometimes I watch you sleep. All the curves of your face I study trying to memorize every detail without success. In those moments you touch me deeply without lifting a finger.

From “You Are” found at http://beccas-corner.tripod.com/id13.html
woman-sleeping-elev8You are the whisper
on the wind.
The love
that never ends.
You are the soft
and gentle caress.
You are the love
and tenderness.
I feel your warmth
and your fire.
It’s only you
I desire…

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My Darling…
I love when we hug how our bodies fit together. From head to foot there’s barely an inch where your and my form does not make contact when we are locked in embrace.

From “P.S. I Love You” by Irish novelist Cecelia Ahern
629px-Hug-a-Girl-Who-Is-Shorter-Than-You-Step-4EDITMost of all
she loved
that when
she hugged
him her head
would rest
neatly just
below his chin,
where she
could feel
his breath
lightly blowing
her hair and
tickling her head.

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…separated by years, is still the same love. Though we were long ago parted, there is a place in my heart no one else will ever touch. I have loved since and may love yet again, but never as deeply as I love you.

Dutch-Born Catholic priest and spiritual writer Hans Nouwens
is too
and the
can be

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…brings a particular vocabulary of words used for little other purpose. They are are expressed in a soft, gentle tone used at no time except speaking to one’s beloved. The heart articulates feelings in a way the mind can never do by itself.

From “Brushstrokes of a Gadfly” by E. A. Bucchianeri
I love the way you call me babySweetheart, darling, dearest,
it was funny to think that
these endearments,
which used to sound
exceedingly sentimental
in movies and books,
now held great importance,
simple but true verbal affirmations
of how they felt for each other.
They were words only the heart
could hear and understand,
words that could impart
entire pentameter sonnets
in their few, short syllables.

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…is knowing someone down to their childish silliness and learning to love them for it. It’s seeing clearly what at first one wishes would change, then realizing it’s a piece of the beloved that unexpectedly makes the person all the more loveable.

American author, biographer and novelist Elizabeth M. Gilbert
im_35To be
fully seen
by somebody,
and be
loved anyhow –
this is a human
that can
on miraculous.

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…brings hope of going forward with another; ageless ahead into time. Love expands horizons, widens dreams and causes the imagination to conjure thoughts a person would almost never think of alone.

From the song “Wildest Dreams” by Peter Bliss and Todd Cerney
In my wildest dreams,
the hero.
In my darkest
you rescue me,
you save my life.

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…is a quiet evening on the couch together watching a movie: nothing fancy; no hot romance; no incredibly memorable moments, just you and me sharing the same air, enjoying each other’s presence and needing nothing else.

20th-century American writer Kurt Vonnegut
Enjoy the
little things
in life,
for one
day you’ll
look back
and realize
they were
big things.

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