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True love like ours is humbling, exciting and frightening: humbling to realize the magnitude of the rare gift we share; exciting to comprehend the blessing of sharing our lives; frightening at the possibility of losing you.

Love poem by an anonymous/unknown writer

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When I tell you I love you, I don’t say it out of habit. I say it to remind you that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

Taken from the poem “Best Thing…” by Javier Reyes
1309464616128_fDid you ever
have a dream
that was
so wonderful
you didn’t want
to wake up?
Loving you
feels like
that kind of dream,
only it’s real…
It’s made up
of everyday moments
all strung together
in a beautiful pattern,
one after the other.

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You’re young and have much to learn, yet your heart is wise to recognize how rare our love is. We’ll learn through our ups and downs and make a deeply meaningful life together. I look forward to it all, Darling.

By Cameron Burzynski – http://www.searchquotes.com/
IDEAL-AGE-GAP-COUPLES-facebook narroWI want to be that guy
to call her beautiful,
listen to her problems,
be a shoulder to cry on.
I want to be that guy
who stays up late
just to hear her voice,
saying goodnight
and good morning
I want to let her know
how much she means to me
and how special she is.
I want to grow old with her
and kiss her softly.

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My Love…
While others are running around shopping for holiday gifts, I already have the one I hoped for: YOU! This year I’m filled with love and inspired with the feelings of the season like I have not felt since I was a child.

Relationship consultant, lecturer and author Barbara de Angelis
to make

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I’m proud of us. We’re building something lasting with openness and truth that is fresh and new to me. Through the good and the difficult, I will be there loving you…

From “The Lure of the Moon” by Nicole Gulla
love1I always want us
to be like this,
sharing everything
with each other.
Not holding
anything back,
no matter
how the other
person may feel.
You have my word
from this point
No matter what.

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My Always Love

My Darling…
If you could visit my heart for only a moment, you’d instantly know the depth of my feelings for you. Since that is not possible, all I can do is say “I cherish you, adore you and love you as I have no other. You are my always love.”

sweet-couple-smiling-and-close-to-each-otherI think about you all the time
you’re always in my head
I reread every text you send
and remember what you said.
I’m always here for you
every hour of the day.
I’ll never let you down
or hurt you in any way.
I love you more than anything;
you’re like the air I breathe,
And when I look around
I know you’re all I need.
My sunshine on a cloudy day,
that’s one thing that you are,
And even on the darkest nights
you are my brightest star.
By Sami Chester

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My Darling…
Sometimes I worry about losing you. But you have a special way of setting my mind at ease when you say you love me at just the right moment. Hearing “I’m all yours baby” falls sweetly on my ears.

From “Love Poem #17″ by Amanda Nicole Martinez
comforting him 2Love me
when I’m happy,
and even
when I’m sad,
Love me
when I’m good,
or when
I’m oh so bad,
Love me
when I’m pretty,
or if
my face is plain,
Love me
when I’m feeling good,
or when
I’m feeling pain.

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My Darling…
Love does not always move in a straight line. Sometimes it takes a leap forward or backward when tested. From difficulty love either withers or is made stronger by what is overcome; as we have.

By an anonymous writer / author unknown
Happy coupleEveryone says love hurts,
but that is not true.
Loneliness hurts.
Rejection hurts.
Losing someone hurts.
Envy hurts.
Everyone gets these things
confused with love.
But in reality love
is the only thing
in this world
that covers up
all the pain
and makes someone
feel wonderful again.

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…for you felt familiar from moment I began to fall for you. It didn’t feel like a new spark, but rather a dormant one I had been carrying my whole life. A sleeping ember was only waiting for me to meet you so it could be awakened to set fire in my heart.

First non-European to win Literature Nobel Prize Rabindranath Tagore
690x380-romance-kissingI seem to have
loved you in
in life after
life, in age
after age

First posted June 2, 2013

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I love…
…feeling romance in my heart again. It has touched me deeply with its sparkle of hope. Come what may I am grateful to know I still have the ability to fall in love. Thank you for showing me how.

From “Falling In Love Again’ by Alek House
writing-love-edit1I’d crept into the deepest darkest place,
Where life and love no longer saw my face.
My heart was cold, my very soul was dead.
My only solace, memories in my head.
You came to me and caught me unaware,
And unprepared, I fell into your lair.
I struggled as you crawled into my mind,
Afraid of what your loving me might find.
And as I stayed resistant to your touch
You never turned away, instead t’was such
an oh so gentle nudging at my soul
that woke me with your ever sweet cajole.

First Posted on May 24, 2012 

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